Thursday, 16 January 2014


Last week we went to The Queen Victoria Building in the city.
There is this giant shop on the top level called Hobbyco that sells model planes and cars and figurines that you need to glue together and paint yourself. And we went in just for a look.
On the shelf I saw something absolutely AMAZING that I had never seen anywhere at a store in Sydney before. I saw a Rement. (If you click on the link it will take you to a website completely in Japanese so I recommend looking at the pictures but if you read Japanese then awesome!)
Rements are basically little miniature collectibles. They are perfect for dolls or just to have displayed!
I got the Hello Kitty Retro Diner one that is sooooo super cute!
 This is the box!
 Its a mystery box, which means you have no idea which numbered one you will be getting. I really wanted to get Numbers 5, 6 or 7!

 Here are some more you could get...

This is the set I got.... In its packaging...
I ended up getting Number 7 Which Is one that I wanted soooo YAY!! It came with a pamphlet thing and some gum. I really don't like gum but I did try this one and the taste was awesome! It tasted like apple! But then it made me feel sick like every other gum!
This is it all laid out!
I really like Rements and the Blythies do too!!!
Have such a wonderful day and tell me if you have any Rements!


  1. ooooh! rement crush! so envying you now! haha ^^
    have fun!
    x Trisha

  2. Oh it looks soo cute!!!
    But I didnt get if it was food for you or dolls! Sorry
    xx Barbora :D

    1. Aahaha thats ok!
      Rements are basically miniature foods that are plastic that are used for dolls :-D
      Aha have a great day!
      Alex xoxo

  3. OMG Hello Kitty rements XDD !!! I want some too >w< !!!
    It's so cute >w< !!
    I managed to read "Hello Kitty" in japanese on the box :D ! It's what is writen under "rement" and above "retro dinner" :D !!!

  4. So cute! I love Hello Kitty!!
    - Becky x