Friday, 8 November 2013

1 year in the Making!

Today, the 8th of November 2013, is a very special day.
Very special indeed.
And I bet you'll never guess why.
Well, it is...
*Blythes Rejoice*
And the Blythes wanted to say...
Over the year of Life of Blythe, we have done some pretty awesome things!
Made some Felties
Went to the park with the Petites
Oh My beautiful Honey was born on the 22nd of January! She is now 10 months old!
We went to Kitchen by Mike with the Blythies!
Kiki was born on the 28th of February! Oh my goodness! She is 9 months!
We went to the BEAUTIFUL Wattamolla!
I went to an Oprah talk show with my BFF! (Not really! Hehe)
BLYTHE FEST!! Luv ya Rubes :-D
Tammy my girl! Was born on the 17th of July and is only 3 months!
I was tagged for the 50 Random Facts About Me!
We drew a bit!
Went Trick Or Treating! (This was last week if you didn't know)
I think that's all I'm going to recap since we've done quite a bit! As this is my 90th Post! (Will probably do a special in another 10 posts! Oh so much celebration!)
I have also gotten 6500 page views today so WOO HOO!
My blog is getting much more popular and it couldn't have gotten there without...
Thankssss I LOVE YOU ALL a whole heap!
Thanks for the support and all the LOVE <3
Today was my Orientation for High School next year!
I met 2 amazing girls that I know will be some besties! I didn't know anyone starting next year at the school I'm going to, but everyone was so nice and friendly!
Cant wait for next year!
Have a wonderful day :-D
P.S And I was younger when I wrote those other posts so I'll probably sound a bit different and might even sound stupid aha!


  1. Congratulations on coming so far with your blog, Alex! I love reading all your posts so much! You're becoming so good at writing and photography, hooray for one year of blogging! Meeting you at Blythe Fest was the best fun! Have a lovely night xx

    1. Eeek!
      Hey Emily!
      (Having trouble breathing right now!!!)
      Thank u so much!
      Emily, if it wasnt for u, I wouldnt have this blog so...
      I had so much fun at Blythe fest!
      Oh my goodness gracious me!
      Cant wait to see u next year at THE BLYTHES FEST!
      Email soon :-D
      Alex xoxo

  2. YAY!! Go Alex!! AWw thanks! Blythe fest was so fun! I'm so glad you had a good time at the orientation! Love reading your blog :)

    Ruby xxx

    1. YAY!
      I luv u too Rubes!
      Blythe Fest was AWESOME!
      Luv ur blog as well!
      Am so glad I could meet you, coz you are totes awesome!
      Alex XOXO

  3. Yippee! *Happy Dance* I can't believe its already 1 year! Eeeeeep! I'm happy you had a nice orientation :) I hope you have a most lovely day! :)


    1. WOO
      1 year!
      I cant believe it either!
      Have such a wonderful day!
      Alex XOXO

  4. Woow congratz Alex !
    Your blog is really fun and I love your blythe dolls and your creativity and I love how honest u are in every single post! :)) I am happy we know each other :))

    Xxoxo Barbora