Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Harri, From Cupcake Crafty!!!!

Hiya everyone!
I would love you all to meet my AMAZING friend Harri from the equally AMAZING blog Cupcake Crafty!!!
She is soooo super duper kind and friendly and does absolutely AMAZING blog designs as well! (she is in the middle of making one for meee!)
Her blog consists of crafts and fashion!!!!
Here she is:
Why did u start blogging?
I don't know. So I'm going to answer who inspired you to start bogging. That would be Jo from Lost in the Haze. She inspired the fashion area of my blog. A Beautiful Mess inspired me to do a craft blog.
What is your favourite blog/blogs?
A Beautiful Mess and Emily Jane are my favourite daily reads but I read heaps of others too
What is your fave thing to blog about?
I love DIY and craft posts - I end up doing more DIYs now that I blog about it
What are your dreamssss?
To be a designer and have a successful blog that People love to read.
What do you love most about blogging?
Meeting new blogging friends, and get followers. It sounds really silly but it makes my day everytime I get a comment or follower. People probably wonder why I skip around all day when I'm happy.

(Dont worry Harri, I love it when people follow me too! I like scream at school and hum all day!)
Thank you so very much Harri!
You better make sure you head on over to her blog right this minute!!!
Remember Cupcake Crafty!!!
Thnks people!!!

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